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      what does fips stand for?

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      Female Iron Pipe Size

      Like when ordering a copper Female fitting C FIPS

      Then of course you have MIPS = Male Iron Pipe Size

      The standard threads are the Briggs standard

      BUT American
      plumbers are known for not reading and thus being lazy call the threads NPT National Pipe Threads

      Of course there are NFT (National fine threads) and Metric and left handed NPT and ASAE threads.

      The API has their own thread taper BUT acordingly all these threads when adapted to male or Female will give you some indication as to what it adapts to.

      Copper Compression T.P copper IPS T.P T.P T.P FIPS

      T.P MIPS

      Copper type K,L,M, ACR, DWV Mips or FIPS or CI Or C C.

      Of course you can go from Plastic to IPS or FIPS

      Hope this helps IF you need more detail please E mail me and ILL be happy to explain it.


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      Sylvan: You forgot A.W.W.A and
      Mueller Thread as well as British
      Thread and Swedish Thread. In
      general all threads on fittings are
      of either the male of female persuasion. Oops, Hose thread too.

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      Rod, if I did mention American Water Works Association (AWWA) Then we would have to use the AGA threads and GAMA and ASTM specifications for drainage and electric non taper threads as per UL plus SAE threads plus not to mention Union Carbide and other threads as relating to bottled gases and fuels like argon and nitrogen and oxygen and propane and acetylene plus the AWS (American Welding Society) likes to get involved AND of course the NFPA standards for hose connections as the Siamese and the local fire codes like NYC has their own APPROVED fire threaded connections.
      that is why I figured this gentleman would be better off E mailing me so I could go into slightly more detail.

      Remember the old 65 R that we were able to make a crooked thread to increase pitch when needed.

      How about the Tucker Coupling adapter or the Famous Kennedy TY and the numerous left and right GAS COCKS that were popular before the non skilled used flexy connections.

      Think about all the manufacturers offering these flare type of connections with non conforming threads from one manufacturer.

      Does drainage threaded tubing also come under the NFT or the NPT or under the ASSE standards?

      Rod we need to research this as I was in a home center talking to a 4th year apprentice and was told “One thread fits all like the lead fits all plug”

      Ever notice that the Cast Brass plug on the house trap comes in bastard sizes? What thread are these and who dictates the thread depth and “pitch” in this case?

      And here I was trying to keep it so simple and now you have me confused with facts WHERE IS BUD when we need him?

      Have a great week end Rod and thank you for pointing out the error of my ways. Always a please learning from the best

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      fourth year

      Only Sylvan could take a simple question about FIP, turn it into a treatise and the claim to be “making it simple”. LOL And it that whole magilla was there anything about the NSHT and other fire hose threads, plus the variety of bottled gas connections.

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      Wallingford Plm+Htg

      Just for the record,Fourth Year,it,s called @#%%%”of the mouth.
      [Edited by Lorenzo on 27 February 2001]

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