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      Alexander Braun

      can you please tell what muratic acid is used for and how it is used,

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      It is Used for cleaning cement ETC diluted and VERY carefully IT IS NOT USED FOR DRAIN CLEANING

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      fourth year

      It is also used to descale copper coils and it is used very carefully with full protective clothing and avoiding the fumes.

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      It can be used to reduce pH in water systems. It would be injected with a chemical injection pump. We also use it in swimming pool capital of the world Phoenix to acid wash our swimming pools, a nasty job.

      Respectfully David Walling

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      And as a fluxing (Diluted) agent when soldering Galvanized (Zinc coatings) steel

      For descaling copper like a chill water system we try to keep away from acidic chemicals when possible as any residue acid will continue to eat away at the base metal.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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