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      I have a very noisy pipe, it makes a banging noise everytime we turn the sprinklers or any fawcets outside.. The noise is louder in the front of the house, I was told I need to better anchor the noisy pipe, but how would I find out where the pipe is exactly located?

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      The noise could also be from excessive pressure through a small diameter pipe the FPS could be the culprit HAVE a legitimate licensed plumber check this piping system BEFORE the erosion eats your piping up

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      I don’t think you need to panic, the solution is pretty straight-forward and can be done by a good DIY-er.

      Get a pressure guage and attach it to your hose bibb, and open the valve and measure the pressure.

      If the pressure is greater than 80 lbs. you need to install a pressure regulator immediately downstream of your water meter or in the water main, just inside your basement.

      This is a pressure regulator.

      Good Luck,


Viewing 2 reply threads
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