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        Does anyone know of a problem with the GroheTemp 34902-005 shower valve. I had a hard time believing I installed it backward. The hot/red/H on the left, The feed on the left is indeed hot, I was very carefull to get this right. I know its critical. And yet, now that the wall is sealed I can’t get the temp. adjusted. I called grohe and they tell me its backward. I have to get the $100 reverse cartrige. (costs more than the valve itself)

        Call me crazy but I’m suspicious. I blamed myself untill I went to install the escussion and found the screws to be just shy of reaching the screwholes on the valve. I checked to make sure and I DID get the depth exactly right. Called grohe again – the extension kit is a whopping $70. So I tried to find #4 metric Chrome plated oval head screws. I’m sure their out there somewhere but I couldnt find them.

        Now I can’t stop thinking about the “backward” valve. I KNOW I installed it with the side marked hot on the left and I KNOW the left feed is indeed hot. Doe’s anyone else share this story?

        Any input is greatly appreciated.

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          You didn’t mention the symptoms of what the valve was doing, but here are a few things to check.
          The valve may be installed correctly but not holding temperature because of a crossover problem somewhere in the house. Does this house have a recirculating system? If it does, you need to make sure the return line enters the bottom of the water heater and that there is a check valve between the pump in the return line and the water heater. If you don’t have a check valve located here you can get crossover in your system. To check for this, isolate the recirc system out of the flow loop and see if the valve problem still exists. If the problem at the valve goes away, the problem is with the installation of the recirc system. Other causes may be crossover caused by other shower valves in the house or even a stuck solenoid in the clothes washer.

          As for the screws, try Grohe p/n 02697, they are longer. Try calling Grohe and telling them that you roughed in the valve within tolerances but the screws are too short, and you would like the screws listed above.

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          Avatar phototweddell

            Thanks for your reply fickell. There’s no chance of cross over. I told the service tech on the phone all the details and he insists I must have put it in backwards and recessed it too deep. the $100 reverse cartrige and $70 extension kit is all he can do for me. Needless to say I feel like Im getting the royal shaft.

            I guess I’m just wondering if this is an isolated case or if others are sharing this experience. It does seem ironic that the reverse cartriges are selling like hotcakes, They’re backordered 3 weeks. Must be a lot of dyslexic plumbers out there, heh?

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