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      water drains very very
      slow,plunged it no
      luck,poured clorox no
      luck /liquid pulmber no
      luck/donot want to
      remove trap as it is
      very old,can anyone
      help,thank adult
      occupant. bathroom sink

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      This would be a very simple job for a drain cleaner if you’ve exhausted all your options. Total job should be about $50. Trap may have to be replaced no matter who removes it due to age. Check the pop-up stopper as a last resort, often hair and soap build up right there. Lane.

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      Removing the trap will only give access to the problem. The stoppage is not in the trap, unless you dropped a pencil or similar down it. Traps are designed, by code, not to catch hair, etc., so you would still need a snake after you removed the trap.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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