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      How can I increase water pressure in a household that is supplied by municipal water?

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      With a pressure booster pump if the local codes allow PLUS you must have a low pressure cut off switch so as not to cause a negative pressure on the city main.

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      is it an old or a new house? a friend had the same problem in an older home and asked the water company to take a look.they simply changed the meter and bam more pressure.

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      Wallingford Plm+Htg

      I would look into why you have low pressure.Just like Cwaldmeier said,have someone check the meter and also the valves on the main.Sometimes it can be as simple as opening a valve that’s been left half closed.This would effect the volume of water which can be confused with low pressure.You can also get good results from replacing stop+waste valves with full port ball valves.Putting in a booster pump should only be a last resort.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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