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      Last year, I had the toilet replaced in our bathroom by a plumber. The whole bath was not renovated therefore the tile is the same and the flange is the same. The old toilet never rocked. The new toilet did rock and when I complained to the plumber he came and grouted the thing. The grout fell apart within months and his response has been that he will come and regrout whenever needed.

      I don’t want to call this plumber back because he is not solving the problem. Is there any way my husband and I can level the toilet ourselves? Why would the new toilet rock when the old toilet worked for years (30 probably) without a problem? Could it be a problem with the bolts or anything in the installation we could check? Any recommendations for a good plumber in North Jersey (Bergen County) would also be great.

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      Send me a prvate E mail and ILL give you the name of a fantastic NJ Licensed Master Plumber

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