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      After our water softner blew, all the faucets, tubs, showers and toilets in our house were clogged with the sand used in these water softners. We managed to clear all of them except the washing machine. We had a plumber come out and he blew compressed air into the washing machine water line and that opened up the line. Now we have air in our pipes and it makes noise “sounds like a fog horn” whenever we turn the water off from anywhere in the house. I have tried running the water from all areas of the house at the same time to get the air out and even bought two air hammers for the washing machine hot and cold water supplie and nothing has helped. We haven’t found any water leaks either. I can’t figure out how to get rid of the air and the noise it makes.
      Thank you

      Mike Atkinson

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      try here for some help

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      I’m sorry I don’t have an answer…just a question. when you find your answer to the moaning pipes problem, please e-mail me and let me know!!! I have the same noise. If I find any solution, I wiil let you know too.

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