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      We have a 24 year old fiberglass shower/tub enclosure. It is faded and scratched. Do you recommend
      reglazing? Do you recommend a company to do it? Any suggestions?

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      I have fiberglass enclosers reglazed all the time. They look good when the job is completed. The tubs I have reglazed are in rental units, and usually the tenants will use an abrasive cleaner and the tub will look scratched and dull again in as little as 2 years. I suppose if it is for your own use and the encloser is structuraly sound reglazing could be an option. The key to long life is using a non abrasive cleaner, and absolutely don’t use a bath mat with the suction cups on the bottom. There are numerous companies that do this type of work depending on where you live.

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      Hello, You can try buffing out the tub/shower with the same type of buffing compound that you’d use on a car and use it the same way. Although if it’s beyond saving (scratches too deep) then you will need someone to refinish it. Good Luck!!

Viewing 2 reply threads
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