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        I have a Moen double handle cartridge faucet. The hot leaks. First I removed the knob. Then there is a nut that comes off. It holds a nylon shaft with teeth on the end of it. This shaft fits inside a nylon sleeve with grooves for the teeth. The nylon sleeve is then taken off by taking out a screw that attaches this sleeve to the top of the cartride. When the sleeve is taken out you can see the top of the cartridge. But you can’t get to it. It is recessed about 1 1/2 inches below the tub deck. There is a nylon bushing that must also come out in order to get to the cartridge. The flange cover screws to the top of the nylon bushing. I unscrewed the flange from the bushing but how do I get the bushing out so I can get to the cartridge? The cartridge will not come out thourgh the bushing because it is wider than the opening in the top of the bushing. The only way I can grab the bushing is by the nylon threads at the top of it. If I wreck the threads the flange won’t screw back on. This would all make sense to you if I could draw a picture for you. Anybody got any ideas or know what I am talking about??

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          no need to draw a picture. all you need is the proper tool, a cartridge removal tool part #14272. The tool is about 4 or 5 dollars. If you can not find one go to our web site and you can order one. Good luck,

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