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        Only one bathroom in the house causes the problem. Whenever the toilet is flushed or the water in the sinks runs – About 30 seconds later a loud vibration reverberates throughout the house and lasts 30 seconds or so. It will stop when the water is turned on from anywhere in the house only to return in another 30 seconds and run its course. What could possibly be causing this and how can I get it fixed?

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          it can be difficult to determine where the problem is coming from. “water hammer” is different in each job I go to . Make sure all the pipework is securely clipped. Service all the taps in the house , even the ones that are not causing the noise. Do you leave automatic washing machine taps on when the machine is off? If so, turn them off and see does the problem still occur. If all these do not work, get your water supply authority to service the stopvalve at your connection to their mains or at the water meter.
          best of luck. let us know how you go!

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            Sounds like you have the same problem I did about a year ago; the flushing mechanism in the stool had an undetectible leak, and when it decided to leak, the plumbing roared. It also did so at different times when other faucets were used.

            However, the flushing mechanism started to leak to the point I could see it, and when I replaced it, the noise went too.

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