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        Dear Sirs:

        I have recently purchases a 1952 home with the original oil furnace and baseboard heating. I am trying to find a diagram of how the system works so I can understand the pipes, tanks and valves that are in the system. What I think is a pressure release valve intermittantly leaks water. I have attached a PVC drain line to carry this water outside. Is this dripping normal?

        If you know of any web sites that offer such a diagram, please let me know. Thank you for your help.

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          You can learn more about your hot water system in the free lessons at

          Your pvc pipe may be in violation of codes as the relief pipe should have no fittings attached to the end just off the floor. This is so to prevent people from leaving the repair of their system and relief valve off to a later time as it is a prime safety device.

          The running may be caused by a water-logged or improperly sized expansion tank. The hydronic site explains the sizing and function of expansion tanks along with everything else.

      Viewing 1 reply thread
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