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      I may take the liberty to inform you that I have been engaged in technical accupation since 6 years ago for which I have obtained B.A of mechanical enginnering .

      My special field is in designing of HVAC system , Piping , Under floor heating & selecting the Air conditioning unit .

      Now , being anxious to become acquainted with the latest performance of below named procedures.

      I’ll appreciate your generous help by keeping me in picture accordingly .

      1 – The new method of designing in under floor heating.

      2 – What is the difference between MDPE pipes & PE-X pips for use in this sysytem ( physical , chemical & technical ).

      3 – The latest chart & information to design under floor heating system ( Spacing of pipes in different application , the
      distance between expansion joints , the special adettives for concrete & . . . )

      I thank you for your assistance.

      Yours faithfully


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Viewing 1 reply thread
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