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        A space heater is rated at 12,000Btu. This means it will consume 12 cubic feet of natural gas per hour. It will consume 288 cubic feet in 24 hours. If burning for 31 days, this will be nearly 9Mcf of gas. At our current price of $12.03
        per Mcf, it will cost $108.27 to operate this heater for a month.

        Am I calculating this correctly?

        Thanks, Bob Wagner

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        Avatar photoSylvanLMP

          Actually Bob it will come out to $107.40 BUT are you SURE that your Natural gas is really giving you 1000 BTU’s per CU FT?

          You see Bob Natural can be as high (Like NYC 1,200 BTU per CU ft) and in other parts of the country as low as 900 BTUs.

          You may want to find the actual heating units in therms BUT your answer is close enough for government work.

          After all no government really works with in their budget if they did they would fire the school board construction authority and 99.9999% of the unemployable building inspectors.

          [Edited by Lorenzo on 05 February 2001]

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