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      Avatar photoHesam Sarookhani

        Please explain how the wind can empty my toilet.

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        Avatar photoGuest

          Just a guess, but maybe when the wind blows very hard by your plumbing vent pipe (probably located on roof) it causes a negative pressure to build in the pipe. It could be a siphoning effect. Try installing some sort of baffle on the vent pipe.

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          Avatar photoSylvanLMP

            Hey Chap, what you have is one of the EIGHT reasons a TRAP can loose its seal (Ask any 1st year apprentice)

            What is happening is called “oscillation” wind effect going down the vent terminal?
            NEVER EVER EVER EVER put a baffle on a roof vent terminal as in some climates you could cause hoarfrost.

            What you could LEGALLY do is either put a vandal proof vent cap on that allows full circulation Or a return bend which still will allow full circulation without any possibility of back drafts.

            Hopefully some 1st year apprentice will jump on the over 7 reasons a trap can loose its seal.

            By the way this is very typical especially in mountain areas OR in NYC high rise area’s

            The rush of air down a 4″ vent terminal will pull the trap seal right out.

            If you E mail me privatly ILL be happy to explain the techinical aspects of it after all we dont want everyone knowing this profession huh?

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