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      My fiberglass bathtub/shower floor is cracked and leaking onto subfloor and into basement.Crack is
      approx. 18″ long.When unit was installed 22 yrs. ago,seems like there was’nt a good base built up between
      floor of tub and sublooring.Floor of tub has “soft spots”.Is there any way of repairing this,without tearing
      the whole tub/shower assy. apart, because unit was installed while house was being built and the only way “I”
      can determine to remove unit to make repairs to bottom of tub floor, is in pieces because plaster walls where
      put in after bathtub/shower unit installed. Thank you

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      Hello, The problem that you describe is common in older tub/shower units. You do not have to remove the unit and it can be repaired by a tub repairman. The time it takes to repair these vary, but most can be done in one day and used the same. Good luck!

Viewing 1 reply thread
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