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      Avatar photoMegan Hayes

        I desperately need your help!

        I have a serious water problem in my home. We get sporadic greasy looking spots on our clothes when they come our of the washer. We had a plumber in who said to replace the washer, it appeared to be rust spots. Not all of the clothes were effected, but many were. We replaced the washer. The spots continued. We were then told to replace our hot water heater, it was old, but functional. The spots continued. We added a filtration system to the main water line. The spots continued. We had the water company test our water and the results were “iron within normal range”. Can you offer any suggestions…preferably less expensive then the options we have already tried. Our clothes are being ruined, I would assume that our dishes, bath water, etc., also contains whatever is causing the damage to the clothes. This is a health concern for our family. No one else in our area is experiencing this problem, so I’ll assume it’s within our home?!?


        Thank you,

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        Avatar photoGuest

          My family has had sort of the same problem. Mainly dime sized “greasy” spots on dress shirts and pants. My wife at first blamed me for spilling stuff on them, but later realized I wasn’t to blame. Clothes come out of the laundry with spots they didn’t have going in!

          The only thing we can think of is that the clothes are getting mixed in with our kids’ clothes which have all kinds of stains on them, which bleed over to ours. We’ve been more careful lately separating them and haven’t noticed nearly as many of those greasy stains on the shirts.

          Dave G.

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          Avatar photoShirl

            You did not say what kind of plumbimg you had galvanized or copper. Galvanize will rust with age. A water softener might help or change the plumbing pipes to the washer. If you can get to the pipes you might could do some of this yourself.


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