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      adamr robert jones

      I am trying to replace the showerhead and cannot get the darn thing to unscrew. I know it screws as I can see the threads. I have used a pipe wrench to hold onto the pipe leading to the water source and have applied a good amount of leverage and trying to unscrew the thing, but still nothing. I have sprayed WD-40 a couple of times to try and loosen it up, but this did not help. Any suggestions as to how I can unscrew this stubborn showerhead? Is it possible the builder used some kind of PVC cement when installing it?

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      Run the hot tap only for a few mins then try again, if this doesnt help try using a gas bottle to heat the fitting …. ENSURE THAT THERE IS NO CHANCE OF IGNITING ANYTHING IN THE WALL…
      The next stage is best done by a plumber

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