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      I have one and one-half bathrooms. I just recently completed the full bath (tile, new tub, etc.). I am and have been having trouble with the toilets in the bathrooms. After a couple of days and nights of use they constantly are stopped up. The plumber that I had says that there is too much toilet paper in each. That I fee is impossible it is only me and my 7-year old and we do not use that much tissue. For my 7-year old she uses 3 sheets each time, and for me I actually count 7 sheets. I think this is ridiculous when you have to count the amount of paper to use to flush with. I think that there is something else wrong and need an opinion.

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      There may be something trapped in the toilet (pencil, comb, hairbrush, etc.) that is catching the TP.

      You ought to buy a toilet auger

      at Home Depot or Lowes and run it thru the toilet to see what it can clear.

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