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      Our Bradford White hot water heater is procucing small plastic chips in the water. Out plumber says
      the dip tube is breaking up and we should contact you. It is 3 1/2 yrs old. What are you doing about this
      wildly spread problem? Model #MI5036LN10 Serial #NH7113785 D Raiger

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      Scott Bryan

      I think your plumber must be mistaken. This is not Bradford White! We are a group of professionals who offer free plumbing advise to anyone who asks. As far as your problem goes your plumber should know all you have to do is contact Bradford and they will handle your claim. I only have the number for Bradford Whites main office in Pa. 215-641-9400 Give them a call I think they can help you.

      Good luck,

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      Judging from the problems that you explained it’s very likely that you have a legitimate dip tube claim. The Bradford White Corporation among other tank manufacturers have entered into a national class action settlement that will allow those homeowners with specific brands of water heaters, qualify for a “dip tube” replacement. Since you are experiencing clogged lines from your dip tube problems, you may also be eligible to have your lines flushed and plumbing fixtures cleaned as well. Check out for more info or send additional questions to

Viewing 2 reply threads
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