explain difference in water main tap size vs. water main size.

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        I am having my water main replaced. I was told that for a 1 inch main into my house, the tap into the street would be 3/4″.

        Could someone explain the reason for the difference in size, and shouldn’t this adversly affect my water pressure.

        Also, I would like opinions if a 1″ main is sufficient. I live in a 3 story 3 family house in metro NYC.


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        Avatar photoSylvanLMP

          Being a NYC Master plumber I can assure you having a tap one commercial size smaller then the supply line will not have any adverse effects on proper operation of your plumbing fixtures

          Sight unseen and not knowing if you have flushometers or tank and bowls and your actual fixture unit demand ( GPMs needed) I personally would have most lightly went for an 1″ tap and possibly an 11/4 service or like my 2 story home with 23 rooms I have an 11/2 Service in Riverdale Da Bronx.

          There are a zillion plumbers in NYC who specialize in JUST WATER MAINS and SEWERS and if you want a second opinion please feel free to send me a private E mail and NO I do not install water mains or do any plumbing outside the building other then gas service.

          Good Luck

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