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        Good mornin all, Last July I replaced my worn out storage tank with a new one(precharged)I’m on my own well,while instaling the new tank I noticed the old one had a layer of red sediment(a couple inches or more) on the bottom of the tank. There was a whole house filter already installed after the tank so I decided to install one before the tank. It worked great for a while but the filter clogs up every 3 weeks or so. Is this doing any harm to the pump or any other part of the system?(besides losing pressure) Should I change the filter’s location,say inline with the original filter? Or just return to a one filter system?
        Tanks for any helpnd you all are doing a GREAT job.

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          Your old tank acted as a settling tank, and provided a place for solids to settle. Now you are filtering all of them out. If it were me, and I still had the old filter and housing, I’d install the new filter in parallel with the old one, with valves before and after each filter. This way I could have one filter on line at a time, and if I needed to switch filters, I could just open and close valves to put a new filter on line. Then I could change the old filter at my leisure.

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