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        I recently purchased a four-year old home with 1.6 gpf toilets. These must be first generation low flushers, and I don’t have to tell you what that means.

        Anyway, I’ve checked under the hood and I think with minor modifications, I can get these babies flushing three full gallons.

        The toilets are Eljer (is it OK to say the brand name?), but I really don’t blame them, they were just following government regulations. And, I don’t blame the government either, so you government types can calm down. It was Al Gore. He invented low flush toilets right after he invented the internet.

        It appears that Eljer took their regular toilet and placed a plastic cylinder, open at the top, around the flapper ball to restrict the flow of water from the tank. Basically, when you flush, most of the water is stranded in the tank. Only the water inside the cylinder and above the lip of the cylinder flushes.

        Looks to me like I could cut down the cylinder to let more water flow, or just remove the cylinder all together.

        Is there any danger of overunning my bowl capacity, or hard prison time, from such a modification?



        Plumbtired of Plunging

        P.S. Great website. I read about you in a newspaper article.

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        Avatar photohootowl

          I took a sissors to the ice cream container inside that eljer and whittled it down. I also got the chain as tight as possible to hold that flapper ball up as long as possible. Where I’m at waters not an issue, they flush great now!

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