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        Our gas water heater recently will only last one shower. The thermostat seems to work. The flame cycles when it should. There is no leak in the plumbing system within the house. The outlet pipe is warm to the touch prior to using the hot water. It quickly becomes luke warm to cold after filling a tub with 10 gallons (it’s a 50 gallon heater). The flame comes on as well shortly after running the water.

        I was told by the manufacturer that the dip tube in this 3.5 year old water heater (with a 10 year warranty on tank/parts) has not had any problems reported (unlike the class action dip tube suit which affected its 6 year warranty model).

        Any ideas?

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        Avatar photoRick

          Pull the dip tube and see if you are the first with problems.

          Assume you have drained the sediment out of the tank, a minimum of twice per year, and therefore you don’t have 18″ of sediment in the bottom.
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