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      I told my neighbor about how I had my mobile home re-plumbed some years ago to replace the polybutaline pipe under a class action suit. He asked me if I knew if he could still take advantage of something like that as his modular’s pipe is
      leaking. Can you tell me if this type of thing was still going on?

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      He is eligible if the home is less than 11 years old and if he had a leak during the first 10 years.

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      Can anyone tell me how to proceed with getting the polybutaline replaced under the class action suit? I own a house ( built in 97} and a mobile home (built in 89} both with polybutaline lines and both have developed leaks.
      Thanks !

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      fourth year

      Call 1-800-356-3496. But the mobile home is probably two years to old, and the house may be too new to be covered by the original settlement.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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