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        I read somewhere about a mixing valve meant for toilet supply lines that add a bit of hot water to the cold water entering the tank, thus preventing sweat on the tank’s exterior. My well water is very cold and every summer I have to look forward to SUPER-sweaty toilet tanks, wet floors, etc. Does anyone still install these? Are they prohibited by code? Is there some sort of check valve required? And can you turn off the hot water supply in winter, when the toilet doesn’t sweat? Aside from the obvious waste of flushing heated water, this seems like a good solution. I will of course ask the plumber who is redoing our system, but I thought I’d check in here as well…

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          you can do that, the device is called a tempering manf. is KOHLER CO. jerry. MP#3776

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            If all you are concerned about is the tank sweating, it is much cheaper and easier to install a tank insulation kit. They go inside the tank, work well, and are available at Home Depot and Lowes.


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