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        We just bid on a house and we need to move the bathtub. We want to make the bathroom bigger by taking space from a bedroom and hall closet, then we want to move the tub into that space. Currently there is a short tub there, and we want space for a full size tub. How hard is it to move the plumbing for the tub and what do we need to consider? Is the cost astronomical? Any advice here would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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        Avatar photofourth year

          It depends on what is in the walls and under the floor. And also where you wish to move the tub in relation to where it is now. Some revisions would require no plumbing work and others can require extensive reworking. You will need to get estimates from local plumbers with the understanding that if they find unforseen conditions when the wall and floor are exposed, then the estimate will have to be revised.

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          Avatar photoRick

            If the tub is on the first floor with good access from a basement or sizeable crawl space, look under the tub to determine the obstructions to moving the tub plumbing. If the obstructions are minimal, and the access is good, the cost will be lower, and can be done by a good D-I-Y’er.


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