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      Avatar photoSteve McKenna

        within the past few days a sewer oder has been coming out of our bathroom sink and the toilet and sink have both started to gurgle i checked the p-trap on the sink and it seems to be fine we have not done any recent plumbing in the house and i am wondering what could cause this sudden problem if the wax seal on the toilet is not sealing properly could this cause my problem??? thanx in advance for any insight david

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        Avatar photodavid hopta

          Gurgling toilets almost always mean a sewer line is at least partially clogged. Im afraid you will have problems soon. Look outside and see if you can find a clean-out fitting in the ground near where the main sewer line exits the house. Maybe you can tell if the restriction in toward the house or street from the clean-out. Youll most likely need to auger the sewer line.

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          Avatar photodavid hopta

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