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        We just bought a house that has the hot water heater in the attic. After taking a shower we can hear what sounds like a Hockey game up there. The water heater is the culpret.I have tried draining the entire system by closing the main valve and opening all the faucets and then reopening the main before closing the others. While this may have helped the problem, it has not cured it.Does anyone have a suggestion?

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          When a water heater has a lot of lime in it from hard water, it will make a pretty loud rumbling, banging noise. That may be your problem. Draining/flushing probably wont get much sediment out of the heater when it is that bad. You can try to clean the heater (a big job), or replace it, or just live with it like the previous owner must have been doing. I personally dont like to see water heaters in attics because they are so hard to replace and repair. Maybe when you replace it, you can put it somewhere else.

      Viewing 1 reply thread
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