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        Hi, We are replacing a toilet and tiling a floor. We removed the toilet and found a lead ring that was sitting flush with the top of the � inch plywood flooring. After removing the plywood flooring and the wax ring, we have a cylinder of lead (not cracked or torn) coming out of the floor that forms a lip or cuff about 5/8 of an inch wider than the hole. There is no �closet flange� per say, the bolts were screwed directly into the floor. The lead ring sits � inch up from the sub-floor. We bought a �Closet Flange Extension Kit� which contains 3 black rubber rings and a set of bolts. The kit says it can be used with cast iron, brass, or copper flanges. We were thinking that the rubber rings would sit under the lead cuff, rather than sit on dura rock and tile. The rings total � inches just like the plywood floor that was removed. and also give us the correct placement for the bolts. Is this correct? Are we on the right track?

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        Avatar photoMeg

          I cant understand exactly what you have. Usually if there is a lead pipe below a toilet, it has a brass floor flange soldered to it. If your lead stub is sticking up higher than your finished floor, it would be easy to solder on a floor flange. Maybe you should consider doing that. If the lead is not damaged and the flange will slip over it…Soldering will take only a couple minutes.

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