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        My pump switch constantly cuts on and off when running water. I have a in well pump with a pressure tank in basement. The switch is there as well. I can hear it cut on and off and the water pressure fluctuates each time. Is the tank water logged, or air logged. What can I do to get this working correctly. It is my understanding that the tanks should hold cold water and pull down before the pump kicks on. The pump start pumping as soon as we flush, or turn on a faucet. Any help is greatly appreciated. Live far out in the country, plumbers are hard to locate, so many times its a do it yourself type repairs. Thanks Lan

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          I havent worked on too many wells, but since no one else answered…Heres what I think.It sounds like your tank is water logged. If it had too much air, the pump would not turn ON so fast. If there is a tire valve type thing on the top of the tank, you can put air in it. I have heard them say on this web site to drain the tank and then put air in to a pressure of 2 PSI less than the pump cut-out pressure. Then turn the pump back ON. I hope this helps a little. Ask more questions if you need to, someone smarter might answer.

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