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      Avatar photoKirkby Clark Adele

        I have a 30 gal 240vac elec water heater that is less than 3 years old. Recently, I have noticed that the hot water seems to be giving out after one shower. I would not think that a t-stat or element would be going bad this soon. We have a lot of lime in our well water. Could lime deposits on the elements be causing the problem? How can I clean (decalcify) the tank? Can I 1) shut off the supply valve, 2) connect water hose to drain cock, 3) open PRV, and 4) pump an acid solution into tank? Help!

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        Avatar photoJohn Borden

          I think no matter what the problem, you should check to make sure one of the elements is not burned out (some heaters only have one). If you have a little voltohm meter or an amp meter, you can do it. Be careful. If there is no element or thermostat problem, then most people would suspect a broken dip-tube which is just below the cold water inlet nipple. The tube puts the incoming cold water at the bottom of the tank. But when broken or deteriorated, lets cold water go right back out the hot side outlet.

      Viewing 1 reply thread
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