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      Avatar photoPaul Edward Miller Jr.

        We have a hot water tank that is 6 years old, and we dont have that much hot water we are lucky to get one shower in the morning before it gets cold. The weather is getting cooler could that be or is a heating element gone out, and if so is there a way to check the element beyond the obvious of little hot water. Thanks

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        Avatar photoDan Jeffress

          Extreme shortage of hot water is usually caused by the dip tube failing. The cold water connection has a plastic tube that goes down to the bottom of the tank. If this tube falls off or deteriorates the cold water shorts circuits across to the hot water outlet also at the top. Remove the cold water connection and check to see if this dip tube is ok. Places like Home Depot have new ones. They also usually have a cut away hot water heater to show you whats inside. See link below for more info on hot water heaters.

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          Avatar photoDan Jeffress

            It sounds like the supplier of dip tubes to hot water heaters manufactured a bunch of defective ones in the 1993-96 time period. You may want to check with your supplier or heater manufacturer about a recall – read get it fixed for nothing solution. See link below.

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