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      All California toilets require a 1.6 gal flush volume. Compounding this
      inadequacy, my 2 y/o gem (of
      a commode) has a semi-circu-
      lar drain, but MY stools are
      round. What state should I
      go to to buy a high-volume
      flushing commode with round
      drain (Bakersfield)…Help!

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      As far as I know the 1.6 gal flush toilets are code everywhere in this country. While most of the newer toilets don’t have a problem flushing, some do. The first thing to do is to make sure the water level in your tank is is set to the correct level. If that doesn’t work, you might replace the toilet with a new one, but make sure the inner surface of the integral trap is fully glazed.
      If all else fails, I’ve heard of people going to Canada. . . . .

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      You can also try a presure assisted toilet. I replaced my 5 year old, constantly plugged up gravity 1.6 gpf toilet with a pressure assist Eljer 60 days ago and haven’t had a single plugged toilet since. With the old one we were plunging it a couple times a week.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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