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        We recently purchased our house and have only been living in it for a few months. The house has three bathrooms,all with sinks, toilets and shower/tub, and a garbage disposal. We have a septic tank. The house is 24 years old and the existing tank is the original. The previous owners remodeled the kitchen as well as adding on a full bath upstairs five years ago. They made no improvements to the system but however redid the kitchen. The household size went from 2 to 5 people. We have had a plumber out to check things out numerous times and there is no change. We have a sewer gas smell that eminates from the kitchen sink, garbage disposal and sometimes the main bath downstairs. We have had a leaky toilet fixed including the wax seal and the tank bolt tightened. We had a leaky shower head and it was fixed. There are no more leaks that have been detected and we are at a loss as to where to go next. We have not have the vent snaked professionally but have tried to do so on our own. As new home owners all expense is difficult if unaccounted for. Any suggestions? We are concerned about the health issues as we have children in the house.

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