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      My question was that I have great hot water pressure in the bathroom sink and in the shower. But don’t have hot water pressure at my washing machine and especially at the kitchen sink. Which is worse than the washing machine. The kitchen is the farthess away from the hot water heater. But have great cold water pressure out of all the facets. I have replaced the kitchen sink facet but it didn’t help the problem. What I was wondering is, could the problem be with the hot water tank not having enough pressure in it to push it that far or could it be the hot water pipes clogged. This is an 1972 trailor I just recently bought.

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      A nother thing involving this situation is I don’t know is for sure that this trailor was hooked-up to well water or city water,

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      I had this same problem in an old trailer. I found that the anode rod in the heater had worn completely out which allowed buildup in the heater which caused ALL of my hot lines to clog. I am a plumber by trade, so I replaced the anode rod, disconnected the hot line from the heater and ran it outside, hooked an air compressor to the water line at each fixture and blew everything out. Lots of crud came out. I’ve had no more problems. With a trailer as old as yours, I would replace the water heater (if it’s the one that was originally installed) and blow out all of the lines before the new heater goes in.

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      Thank you so much for answering my question!! Fern said if I posted my question she would answer it but I never got an answer. It really explains a lot. So it is a combination of the two. Thats what I wanted to know.

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      Jennifer, sorry I didn’t get back to you right away, for some reason I couldn’t get back on line. However Icouldn’t explain it any better than Mlynnb did. That sounds like agood solution. does the plumbing in your trailer consist of mostly 3/8 in copper tubing or 1/2 in. polybutylene (Gray plastic tubing)? If it is copper tubing and you run into trouble with leaks when you blow the lines out air then you may consider replacing the lines with poly. starting with the lines farthest away from the water heater,if it can’t be done all at once. GOOD LUCK!

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