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        This machine sudenly started to overflow water and foam through the bottom of the front door. Checking things realized it was not pumping (draining) water out. At the end of the washing cycle the bottom of the machine full of foam and water.I entered in a circle of problems. With less water than normal it never pumped water out when the drain solenoid picks. The valve inside the pump was operating normaly, so I though the pump had not flow pressure enough to do the job, even that it was pumping ok internaly, foam and all.Dismounted everything, including the pump, and realized that the deviation valve controlled by the solenoid never closes enough when draining, to avoid water pressure to escape to the internal spray, so I think it never got enough pressure to pump up water at the drain hose.There are two springs at the valve/solenoid. The first one is to return the valve to the resting position, when water is pumping internaly to the spray (drain off), the second is to avoid this valve to close completely the passage of the water to the internal spray while pumping water our (drainning).The second spring was so strong that (I thought) even a strong water pressure could not force it and close the internal passage, so I remove the spring for experiment. Assembled everything back (except that second spring), put the machine to work normally, it fill the correct water level, drain normally and so on. Then I thought Aha, something was bad, pump is not so strong anymore, second spring will stay at the drawer.Return the machine to the right place, wife put soap and dishes and started a washing cycle… foam and water all over the kitchen… the impossible machine was not pumping out water… solution? easy. Take a look at the type of dishwashing soap wife was using at the machine… somebody messed up labels and she ended up using regular sink dishwashing at the machine… foam for everybody… pump doesnt work well, water level switch either… machine goes crazy, me too. End of story: Spring stay at the drawer… lets see what happens…Machine got a free maintenance review.Wagner.

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