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      Avatar photojohn w. hobson

        The pilot on my gas water heater went out. The pilot will not light with the gas valve in the pilot position. It will only light in the on position, and the burner will not come on at any time. I verified Im getting gas to the valve. Is the problem in the valve, or could it be the thermocouple ? Any other troubleshooting I can do to narrow it down ?Thanks

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        Avatar photoTracy

          The thermocouple can not prevent the pilot from lighting (at least on any gas appliance I am familiar with), it only keeps the gas valve working properly after the pilot makes it hot enough to generate a little voltage. I suspect your gas valve is broken on the inside. I have seen your symptoms before but very rarely. I dont know why the pilot will burn when the valve is in the ON position. But I dont remember ever trying to do that either. It may be another sign of something breaking inside the valve. Considering what you said and my past experience, I would recommend a new heater.

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