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      We installed new hardware inside the toilet to stop problems we were having with the plunger system not shutting off the toilet as it refills. Everything worked fine for several months and then the the downstairs toilet started to keep running. Lifting the hood revealed that the flapper valve had not fallen into place thus all the water being put into the reserve tank was just running out. Jiggling the handle worked initially. Soon both toilets were having this problem and now it is to the point that we have to lift the hood on the reserve tank and nudge the flapper valve so it falls over the drain. I have tried adjusting the chain, shortening it, lengthening it, but nothing has worked. Any suggestions?

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      Scott Bryan

      Rob, It depends on what type of flapper you replaced the original with. Every toilet generally uses a specific flapper “fit all” type of flappers often produce the problem you describe. We stock over 38 different flappers (and that’s not all of them)If you can get any numbers inside the toilet we should be able to see exactly what should be in your toilet. You can go to our website and email me the numbers and I’ll be happy to see what we can do.


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