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        Flue is mounted on a angle up to basement window. The metal pipe is cool to the touch and there is little draft out the pipe which is
        outside the window. It has been suggested that a water heater with a built in vent system be installed. The current water heater does need to be replaced. I have never heard of this new type of water heater. Would this take care of the venting problem?

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        Avatar photoGuest

          The problem with venting flue gases from a water heater thru a window is that there is not enough high toget the hot gases to rise. A proper vent should be 2′ higher 10′ out from any roof line. There are water heaters that uses power venter’s to produce the proper draft where you can vent directly to the outside. These units work very well and are not difficult to install. Power vented water heaters require more maintanance but are a good alternative if you do not have proper venting.

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          Avatar photoDavid127

            Steve S. Thank you for the information on water heaters


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