How to remove shower/tub knob to repace washer?

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      Avatar photoNikolas Draper

        First of all I am not a plumber which will be obvious after reading this post. I am trying to repair/replace a leaking tub faucet. It is the type with a cold faucet, a hot faucet, and between them the knob to direct water to either the tub or the shower. The cold side is causing water to continually run out of the faucet. I popped off he center cap with the “C” on it and removed the screw behind it but I cannot remove the knob itself. Everyone I talk to says it should come right off unless it is corroded. Just for the hell of it I tried to remove the other two knobs the same way with no luck. It doesn`t feel like a corrosion type of stuck if feels more like a mechanical something is still holding the knob on. What am I missing? The brand name consists of two names ending with “KENT”, sorry I can`t recall the first but it began with an
        “S”. Thanks for any help.

        Jerry C

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        Avatar photoGuest

          Hi Jerry: Sounds like the handles are stuck on due to grim, grit , soap buildup,etc… There is a fairly inexpensive tool that you can buy to remove the handles: A handle remover. It works on the same principle as the larger pulley removers, but on a smaller scale, of course. You can probably find them at plumbing supply stores or the large home reno stores. Good luck.

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          Avatar photoScott Bryan

            The speakman kent handles are sometimes very hard to remove. A handle pulle is the only way to get the old handles off. The second problem is removing the escutcheon tubes. The tubes unscre off the body of the faucet and like the handles they can be a bear to get off. Spray some WD-40 or liquid wrench inside the tube and let it sit for a while then put a rag around the tube and try to remove it with a pair of pliers or a strap wrenh would be even better. If you damage the tubes don’t panic they are available for replacement as well as the handles. I will put a link to the parts breakdown of the speakman kent faucet it should help.

            Good luck,

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            Avatar photojc238

              Thanks guys the puller did the trick. Now I have a happy girlfriend again. We all know how important that is.
              Jerry Chapman

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