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        My girlfriend lives with me and my family. Whenever she takes a shower, there just doesn’t seem to be enough hot water. She usually showers early in the morning. Nobody showers before her. However, whenever I, or any of my family members shower, we don’t have this problem. Could it be because she has the hot valve completely cranked and it doesn’t give the hot water tank enough time to heat up more water? Or is it a problem with the hot water tank? I think the tank is 60 or 40 gallons.

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        Avatar photofourth year

          It may be her usage. There is a big difference between a 40 and a 60 gallon heater. Is there a timer on the electric circuit?

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          Avatar photoGuest

            I have no idea. All I know is that it’s fine when my family uses it. Wnenever she uses it, she runs out of hot water. If she has the hot water valve turned on all the way, would that be the cause of it?

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            Avatar photoBlindca

              Tomorrow morning get up and take a shower before her. If it happens to you that you can eliminate her from the problem.

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              Avatar photoGuest

                first. is it a gas heater or electric? I think it is electric, and [fourth year] had it right. There probably is a timer on the heater that is set for a later time to come on. She may be using only the water that was heated before it cycled off the night before. find it and adjust it to come on earlier. 40 gallons of hot water is plenty for even the lingerer.

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