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        Just installed a new hot water heater. One of the copper joints is leaking. How does one re-solder a leaking joint? How do you re-apply the flux? Do you have to dis-assemble the joint and start all over? Help…….. It’s cold and I hate cold water showers!!! Any experts out there can email me direct (tonight!) at: [email protected] THANKS!!! Bill G.

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        Avatar photofourth year

          Since a leak implies that the joint is defective inside the fitting, the only proper way to repair it is to disassemble the joint, reclean it, and then resolder it.

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          Avatar photoconorm69

            I think a brass compression joint would be better than trying to re-solder at this stage.

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            Avatar photoSylvanLMP

              Send me a private E mail and NEVER take a helpers advice.
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              Avatar photoGuest

                A water heater install is a simple task for a competent plumber.
                Please do yourself a favor and check with a Lic Master Plumber Such as Sylvan. Fix the leak and please check to make sure the install was done correctly. FORGET the advice of fellow handymen and plumbers WANNABE”S. Seek proffesional help.


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                Avatar photoBlindca

                  The joint has to come apart. What I would do is cut it out and install a copper union. Then you won’t have to take eveything apart.

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