My toilet is “rocking”. Need a “gap” filler.

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      Avatar photoAbdul

        After removing my old toilet, replacing the vinyl floor and completly installing my new toilet (with no leaks), I now have a throne that rocks back and forth because the subfloor is uneven. This is quite surprising considering that the old toilet did not do this. Leveling the concrete subfloor is not an option (it would make the vinly floor tiles uneven) So I’m left with either removing the PVC flange and installing a new one that is flush with the floor,(I have no Idea how to unglue that thing from the pipe) or option #2 is to fill the gaps under the front and back of the toilet with some kind of workable mortar or putty that will harden therefore stopping the toilet from rocking. Can anyone recommend something that can be used on both porcelian and vinyl? Of course it needs to be strong and it needs to last. Thanks for the help.

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        Avatar photoFrank Hiebert

          I would recommend you get a hold of some 5lb lead flashing and cut it into small pieces that can be used as little wedges between the floor and the bottom of your water closet. Tighten up the T-bolts carefully as you are doing this, making sure the bowl is plumb and level. The lead should not be sticking out from underneath, if it is when you run a bead of waterproof caulking around after it will look terrible. If the floor is to cushionny or the gap very large I would suggest you have a plumber lower your closet flange.

          Frank Hiebert
          3rd yr apprentice
          Edmonton, Alberta

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          Avatar photoGuest

            I don’t know how large the gaps are under your toilet but I just stuck some pennies in the gaps until the toilet didn’t rock.

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