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      Avatar photoThomas Rogers

        I have a new home that was constructed this past spring. In the main floor 1/2 bath there is a foul smell. It is not a constant smell nor strong foul smell. It comes and goes and faint. Could this be sewer gas, the house has a septic system, that somehow is backing up and coming out the pedestal sink? If there any test a homeowner can do to check if it is sewer gas? Thanks.

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        Avatar photoStephen Bodnar

          I manage a highrise building and the smell you are referring to used to occur all the time and was hard to locate. Finally we realized that rarely used tubs, sinks, drains etc can let that sewer gas smell come up if we dont keep the traps wet. If you dont use that 1/2 bath often, turn on both the hot and cold water and run water for 10-15 seconds each week. Even the water standing in the pipe to the faucet can get stagnant and needs to be cleared out.

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          Avatar photoStephen Bodnar

            Sometimes the wax ring under the toilet does not have a good seal. This could be another cause if all else fails. Toilet needs to sit flush on the seal with no crimps, and in some cases we have had to add an additional wax ring because one wasnt high enough to fit snugly against the bottom of the toilet. Check ring for any sign of a crimp which can let gas smell leak out.

        Viewing 2 reply threads
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