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        Hi, I’m a new home owner and am noticing some unusual behavior from my shower. The problem is the temperatur of the water in my shower seems to cool down fairly quickly.

        The exact description goes like this: When I get in the shower I adjust the temp to a value I’m comfortable with. Within a minute or two, I find myself adjusting the spigot to a high temp because the water has already cooled down. By the end of my shower, I usually have the spigot cranked to full hot, but the water coming out is only lukewarm. And this is after a normal (10 minute) shower.

        I’ve checked my water heater (Rheem 22-40) and it seems to operating fine. I made sure no other appliances were running while showering (ie dishwasher or washing machine). The really puzzling thing is my shower never goes completely cold, it just settles at some lukewarm temperature. Almost as if there is some kind of temp regulator that does allow the temperature of the water to exceed a certain value.

        What could this possibly be. I’m really at a loos here

        THanks in advance

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        Avatar photoSylvanLMP

          A lot of thoughtful plumbers when they install a showerbody they use an anti scald type that works on pressure or temperature Or both.

          Now if this is the case some times these pressure balancing valves need to be fine tuned.

          You could also have a lot of debris build up inside your H/W tank that restricts the hot water flow like galvanic corrosion from the discharge nipple (connection)

          What I would suggest is contact a local Licensed Master Plumber in your area DO NOT allow anyone NOT licensed in your home.
          Then have this plumber go through your system explaining the proper care of your heating/ H/W and show you the main shut off valves etc. Good luck in your home.

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