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        We recently bought an older home (circa 1925) in Little Rock, Arkansas. For about 3 weeks now, weve noticed a gassy odor coming from the AC vent in the master bath (its located next to the toilet base). The natural gas company has been out to test the pipes, and they say we dont have a gas leak. The gassy smell appears very early in the morning, then goes away and sometimes returns around 10 p.m. Plumbers have been by only when the smell is not there, so they havent really checked around much under the house in the crawl space. Could there be a sewer gas leak under the house? There is no sewage or moisture backed up under the house. When we run the AC fan, the smell dissipates, but it seems unrelated to the AC unit itself. Were on a gravity fed public sewer system. Please help — were concerned about safety issues (not to mention the condition of the house we just bought). Thank you SO much for your help!

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