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        Hi. Came across your website while doing a search. I would like some help on a problem.The flush pipe that delivers water down from the tank to the lavatory pan is leaking. The leak is from the end connecting to the pan water inlet. Unfortunately, the lavatory model i bought does not have an protruding water inlet. I could have stopped the leak with a rubber cone stuck between the pipe and the inlet.For the model that i have, the inlet is just a hole at the back of the pan. The pipe just sticks into the hole. The plumber sealed the inlet area with a thick layer of silicon sealant, but that has shrunken with time and water began to seep out everytime i flush.Is there a permanent solution to this probelm?Thanks.

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        Avatar photoRachel

          A rubber flush pipe connector fitted with silicone would be ideal – why not get the plumber back to fix it?

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          Avatar photoRachel

            Rachel, If you want other suggestions, please repost your problem in different words. I can not understand what you are decribing…Maybe others had the same problem. Is this a lavatory or toilet and what is a pan water inlet?

        Viewing 2 reply threads
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