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        We have a 2 story home and the 2nd story shower is leaking through the subfloor and sheetrock in to the family room below. We have plugged the drain in the shower and filled the pan up and no leaks. We have caulked the drain and the entire shower pan again as well as cut three “windows” in the ceiling below, exposing the pipes. We have taken off the faucett plate and looked there for leaks. When looking in the ceiling, there is dripping from outside the pan coming through the subfloor. Any ideas?

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        Avatar photoSylvanLMP

          If you have a LEAD PAN it should last about 70-100 years if installed properly

          Check the actual drain connection and possibly the actual showerbody.
          If you filled this pan from another water source and NO leaks with the drain blocked up. I would say the pan is in good shape

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            Remove the shower rose, fit a pressure gauge to the outlet. Turn the water on, the off, If the gauge pressure drops the leak is in the pipework from the taps to the rose.
            You have all ready tested the waste and tray finding it ok.
            Check around the shower door, and all the grouting.
            Run the shower and ensure the water is not running down the door onto the floor outside the tray and straight down the hob into the ceiling.
            Gimmie a call if this is of no help

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            Avatar photoGuest

              Is the stall a 2 or 3 piece fiberglass unit? Similar problem 6 mos ago, where the seam running around walls about 1 foot above the pan (between two pieces of the unit) had an imperfection or crack. All we did was run a bead of silicone along the seam and problem was fixed.

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