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        hi I seem to be running out of hot water faster then I use to, I’ve metered both elements & thier ok,
        I’m getting volatge to the bottom element but not to the top one I know they cycle so how do I get the thermostaat to kick power to the top element so I can make sure the upper thermostat is working in getting power to the top element ?
        if you would please email your reply to [email protected] as well as posting it here , thanks CcRider

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          the upper one will only operate when the tank is almost out of hot water. But if you stated the problem correctly, the bottom element should have power to it, since the upper element has done its job and heated the top of the tank. You also have to check whether the lower element is using amperage. And if so whether it is using the same amount on both wires. This is the test that will show you that the lower element is burned out.

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